Thursday, January 19, 2012

Folk Valentine Hearts

The people over at have provided this lovely Valentine project for your enjoyment!
Materials Needed:  
    Needle & Thread

    Time taken clock Time: < 30 minutes
    Suitable for ages Suitable For: Most Ages
In this Valentines Day project you will learn how to make folk valentine hearts from recycled wool, felt or left over fabric.

1) First cut out two equally sized hearts from your choice of fabric.

2) With your needle and red thread sew on the buttons/findings of your choice onto the front of the heart.

3) Next whip stitch your fringe/lace/tinsel around the heart.

4) Now stitch together the back of the heart to the front of the heart leaving an opening at the top.

5) Stuff the heart with a cotton ball and then stitch it closed.

Display your hearts in a bowl or basket. These are easy to make and inexpensive, and look so cute displayed around the house for Valentines Day.