Monday, September 19, 2011

Take a look at this great article we found over at  If you love to craft, and are stumped and what to do today, craft ideas is the site you want to be at!
Summer Crafts for Kids - Paper Crafts - Slimey the Snail 
This snail is a simple idea to keep young crafters busy for a while. The pieces are easily cut out and glued together. And when they are finished, they can be proud of their accomplishment and have a nice new addition to decorate their room or window. Decorate both sides equally so it may be hung in a window or free in a room, and looks good on both sides.
Crafts for Kids - Paper Crafts - Summer Crafts - Slimey the Snail Craft Idea
For this project you will need:
- dark green, middle brown and beige cardboard or cardstock
- black thin marker
- pencil
- scissors
- craft glue
- string for hanging
Ages 6 and older
Pattern: Snail and Leaf

1. Print out the snail pattern and transfer the pattern on the appropriate colored cardboard. You will need 1 snail body, 1 snail tail, 2 snail shells, 10 leaves of which 4 are “munched” (see pattern).
2. Cut out all of the pieces. Lay the leaf pieces to the side.
3. Sandwich the snail body and snail tail between the 2 shell pieces so that both sides look equal. Glue all the snail pieces together.
4. Glue the leaves at the bottom of the snail. Leave the snail tail showing some. Repeat on the other side of the snail.
5. Find the middle of the snail and poke a hole with a needle and tie a piece of thread through the hole for hanging. 

How to make patterns tutorial

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