Monday, September 5, 2011

Craft Trivia

Here is a fun way to break the ice at your next crafting party! See just who the guru in your circle is!

Craft Trivia Questions

pastel wool

01. What do you call the 'art of folding paper'?
02. What is the name of the fabric commonly used for 'cross stitch'?
03. What is 'papier-mache'?
04. Is 'acrylic' yarn natural or man-made?
05. Where does 'mohair' come from?
06. With which piece of crafting equipment would you use a 'shuttle'?
07. How many threads are twisted together in a typical skein of embroidery floss?
08. What do 'pinking shears' do?
09. Old sewing machines were powered by using your feet. What was this 'foot pedal' called?
10. Is a 'Spinning Jenny' used for making pots or making yarn?
11. What is 'Kumihimo'?
12. Which craft would you be doing if you were making a plant hanger by knotting long lengths of rope?
13. In which craft would you use the 'stippling' technique?
14. What are 'lazy daisy', 'french knot', 'stem' and 'blanket'?
15. Which craft tool cuts out a shape from paper or card when you press on it?
16. What is a highly scented purple/blue flower often used in scented sachets?
17. What is 'gutta' used for?
18. What is 'repoussage'?
19. Is 'whittling' a wood craft or a wool craft?
20. What do you call the hole in a needle where you push the thread through?

1. What are the only fiber types that will felt in water? Answer

2. Which family member has a crochet piece named after them? Answer

3. Which 'ugly bug' produces which beautiful expensive fiber? Answer

Craft Trivia Answers

01. Origami / 02. Aida / 03. The art of modelling with torn or shredded paper stuck together with glue / 04. Man-made / 05. Angora goats / 06. Weaving loom / 07. (6) / 08.Scissors which cut a zig zag line / 09. Treadle / 10. Making yarn / 11. The art of Japanese braid making / 12. Macrame / 13. Stenciling / 14. Types of embroidery stitches / 15.Punch / 16. Lavender / 17. Outlining designs on silk for painting / 18. The art of forming a raised impression on metal from the reverse side / 19. Wood craft / 20. Eye

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