Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Mythconceptions of Silk

5 Myths About Silk

     * Silk is a fragile & delicate fabric.  Actually it's the opposite, silk is extraordinarily strong & resilient for it's diameter.  In fact, just one silk fiber has the strength equal to that of a steel wire of the same diameter!  

     * Silk is not safe to wear.  Absolutely not true, in fact silk is one of the safest of fabrics a person can wear.  Synthetics & even synthetic blends, can and most often will, melt, and be assured, THEY BURN HOT, which can not only be extraordinarily painful, but often will yield a higher chance of permanent scarring.  Sew what does silk do for us?  Silk just burns to harmless ash.  Yes!  The news about silk just got better yet again, because silk is even more resistant to heat than wool!

     * Silk is unpleasant to wear. This fascinating organic textile releases energy as heat when absorbing moisture (in other words, silk is known to be exothermic).  What does this  mean?  It means that even when the silk you're wearing is wet, you will still be warm!  This is totally fascinating to me!  I'll bet it is for you as well!  In addition to that, since silk is capable of absorbing at least 1/3 of it's weight in moisture, WITHOUT feeling damp...which results in keeping our skin dry!

     * Silk is too challenging to take care.  Quite the contrary!  In fact, silk is resistant to soiling & even staining.  When you do wash your silk pretties, hand wash in a suitable detergent, such as Woolite, do not wring (it will impress crinkles) just press out all the water you can, shake out and let dry naturally, but NOT in the sun.  Diffused light will be fine though, just not direct sunlight.

     * Silk shrinks after washing.  This isn't entirely true, particularly if you're laundering an item that is more loosely woven.  Since silk thread, in and of itself, does not shrink, what you're really witnessing is a more loosely woven item, that while being washed and dried, is having it's weave tightened through the laundering process, so once the item is completely dried, because the weave has just been tightened, the item *appears* smaller.  Sew by learning these facts and myths about silk, we will all be able to take better care of our special & beloved silk items, using the information we're learning together.  This automatically guarantees that our silk lovelies will be in near perfect condition for years to come!

     Sew let's get busy with silk!  You'll love the look, the way it drapes and the way it feels!

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