Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rayon vs. Polyester: The Great Debate

To get luster and sheen in your embroidery, do you always have to use Rayon embroidery thread? Absolutely not...there are many super Polyester embroidery threads that offer plenty of sheen.

Don't get me wrong, many people love Rayon, but most times Polyester is a better choice. It's the best choice for durability, particularly on kid's clothes, uniforms, jeans, cushions, and the sorts of projects that are not going to be just something pretty to look at.

You'll also find that:

* Polyester thread breaks less when stitching at high speeds, stitching denser designs, or stitching on thicker fabrics or base materials such as leather and vinyl.

* Polyester will rarely take on the 'fuzzy' look, that Rayon sometimes takes on when stitched on items that must endure heavier wear or more frequent washings.

But what if you really, really, really like Rayon and have a good stash of it? Okay, that's fine, you can still enjoy your Rayon on such projects, but I do suggest picking just one part of the design, even if it's just an outline for your Rayon choice as that added bit of shine you crave, then do the balance of the design work in Polyester for the durability you need. Your high quality polyester threads (notice I said quality, not price) of today have the sheen that rivals yesteryear rayon. I stitch exclusively with polyester. I'm also very particular about the quality of it. I will only carry the threads that I recommend and use. Look HERE to see what those are.

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