Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Crafty People

Here is a small list of tips and tricks from people around the Country!

For quilters who like to keep the bobbin and thread spool together when storing, I have an idea that works and costs you nothing. I have purchased many gizmos for keeping the correct bobbin with the top thread spool. One day I found myself in need of one of those gizmos and all of mine were in use. Instead I took a twist tie which came with my garbage bags and ran it up the hole in the thread spool and then through the bobbin center hole and gave a twist. Now I use nothing but this method and save myself a lot of money. Any quilter who has had to dig through their stash of bobbins to match the top spool will appreciate this as well. - Kathy in Indiana

  I came up with this idea when I had a small quilt that I wanted to hang on my closet door in my sewing room, of course! I got out my plastic hooks that hang over the top of the door that I hang my Christmas wreaths on. You will need two of them. My husband finished a dowel (cut about 4 inches longer than the width of the quilt-he even put fancy ends on it) and I slipped it in the sleeve on the back and placed the rod in the hooks adjusting them to fit. My hooks are clear plastic and you can hardly seem them. This makes it very easy to change your quilts. - Judy in Nevada

 Don't forget to share your quilting projects with everyone you know. You never know when someone (usually the person you least expect) will become interested in quilting and want to learn this wonderful craft. - Cassie in Louisiana

 Whenever I am machine quilting using nylon thread, I put my spool of thread in a baby food jar on the table beside my sewing machine and thread it up through a binder clip that I have clipped on the lift up lid of my Pfaff machine and through the rest of the machine as usual. This provides the proper tension and I never have problems. - Sue in Ontario

  I have found that the inexpensive gardening gloves with the little dots on the palm make good machine quilting gloves. - Lucy in South Carolina

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