Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speed Piecing Quilts Part 2

Speed Piecing Right Triangles

  Right triangles, also alled half triangles, are composed of a square cut in half on the diagonal. Many quilt block patterns call for two right triangles to be joined together to form a square. 

Steps for Right Triangle Piecing

  1. First calculate the finished size of the pieced square. To the measurement, add 7/8" for seam allowances. For example, 4" finished sized + 7/8" = 4 7/8" width of strip to cut.
  2. Cut one fabric strip this width from each fabrics.
  3.  Square one end of each fabric strip being sure to remove the fabric selvedge. Now, on the back of the lighter fabric strip, draw a line the same distance as the width of the strip from the squared strip end. In the example this would be 4 7/8". This should create a perfect square. Continue drawing lines the distance apart down the the fabric strip until the required number of squares has been drawn. Note: Each square will result in TWO pieced squares so if the pattern calls for four right triangles in each color to be pieced together, the quilter must draw two squares on the fabric strip. 
  4.   Next, draw a line dividing each square in half on the diagonal. Draw the dividing line so that they are in opposite directions on each square.Instead of drawing on your fabric, you can also use Easy Piecing Triangle Templates
  5.   Carefully place the lighter colored strip on top of the darker colored strip with the right sides of the fabic together and the edges in alignment. Sew 1/4" away from each of the diagonal lines. 
  6.   Cut the strip apart on each of the marked lines. In the example, this will result in four squares composed of two right triangles measuring 4 1/2". Press the seam allowance to one side. 

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