Monday, March 5, 2012

Be Imaginative During Your Embroidery Placement

From the pages of!

By: Eileen Roche

 I’m often asked where is the proper placement for embroidery on a garment. In the commercial embroidery industry there are tried and true standards that work for many figure types. However, the sky is the limit when embroidering in the fashion arena because it is truly an art form.

But, I do have three important guidelines when I’m designing a garment.

1. The embroidery should enhance the overall design of the garment, not distract from it. For instance, if a jacket has an asymmetrical opening, the placement for the embroidery should emphasize that element.

2. The embroidery should compliment the figure of the model. The design area on the boy’s sweatshirt is great on a 12 year old boy (Figure 1), but most women would not want to emphasize that area.

Figure 1: Perfect placement for a 12 year old boy, but not ideal for a woman's garment.

3. The embroidery should not hinder the movement of the model. This may seem like an idle statement, but it’s necessary to remember especially when placing embroidery over shoulder seams, cuffs and necklines.

And that’s about it when contemplating embroidery placement. The good news is, there are no boundaries and we can have a lot fun exploring the many possibilities of embroidery placement.