Sunday, June 6, 2010

I have been remiss at posting

Wow, what a crazy last few months. I have put so many miles on my poor little trailblazer. I'm SO grateful to have good friends that like to drive the majority of the mileage. =) From Chicago we went to Paducah which was fantabulous! We were in the new "bubble" and loved it. Can't wait til next year. Left there, went to Choice Fabrics and got some fantastic deals on fabric...stopping at a wonderful winery along the way. Sure wish I could have wine shipped to me here in Texas. =( Oh well, I can have it shipped to Dianne's house in Louisiana. Just have to hope they don't drink it. ;) Was home for a few days and then we were off to Salt Lake City Utah (i WANT TO MOVE THERE!!) for the HMQS show. It was an okay show, just need to plan better next year and have it in conjunction with another show. We spent Mother's Day there and it was awesome! Saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the flowers were unbelievable! (Pictures later)

Brandy (Dianne's daughter) hadn't been through I-70 in Colorado so we took a long way home. We made it up Vail Pass (BARELY!). Visions of a trip I made in high school with my parents kept flashing through my mind had me nervous. LOL (we had a trailer that the wheel bearings froze up and were stuck up there for several hours until we could get it to Denver where our vacation was extended).

Anyway, on our way home down the mountain we stopped in a little town called Georgetown at a winery. When we came out a blizzard had started (in MAY!). We made it down the mountain before it got bad. It's a good thing. I heard that Fort Collins ended up getting 10 inches of snow! (which is very unusual in May)

We made it home and had a few days to get ready for Minneapolis. Boy, packing product and a full booth display in 2 suitcases and keep them under 50 pounds each is a challenge. but I did it and had a great show!

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