Thursday, February 2, 2012

Applique Tip from Kimberly

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Use up those old dryer sheets! If you use the fabric type of dryer sheets, save them to use for applique. Then all you have to do is face one right side together with your applique shape, sew about 1/8" seam allowance. Then, very carefully snip a hold in the dryer sheet. You will then flip the applique piece right-side out through that hole. Be sure to smooth out the seam allowance and press. To go one step further, once the applique piece is nice and pressed, you can turn it over and trim out the excess dryer sheet.
What you are left with is a "needle-turned" applique piece. Pin or glue baste it to your background fabric, and machine or hand applique stitch it in place. Kewl huh?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Cookie Pops

 Take a look at this fabulous little crafting project for edible Valentine gifts! We found this jewel at!
 Valentine Cookie Pops
by Amanda Formaro

winter pops
click here to see a full shot of all the cookie pops
If you are looking for a fun and easy recipe to do with the kids, try these deliciously simple Valentine Cookie Pops. The kids will smile and giggle while making these treats, and will have something fun to give to family, friends, and classmates!

You will need:

20 vanilla wafer cookies
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 6-ounce bag white chocolate chips
1 6-ounce bag semi sweet chocolate chips
colored candy sprinkles, red & white
pink and red gummy or sour patch bears
Cake decorating writer gel in green, pink, red, black, and white
1 tube each of white, red, and pink cake decorator frosting with flower tip
red food coloring
ice cream or lollipop sticks
wax paper or paper plates


Spread peanut butter onto the flat side of the cookies. Place an ice cream stick into the peanut butter on half the cookies. Top with another cookie so the stick is sandwiched between the two cookies.

pops before dipping in chocolate

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave, one minute, then in 20 second increments, stirring until smooth. Before melting, seperate the white chips into two bowls. After melting, add a few drops of red food coloring to one of the bowls of white chips to make pink chocolate.

Dip cookie pops in the melted chips, covering completely. Roll pops in red and white sprinkles and lay or stand on waxed paper or paper plates. Place in refrigerator to chill.
Fun Variations

Alternating between white chocolate, pink chocolate and semi sweet, drizzle melted chocolate over the cookie to create a cool look!

Write fun Valentine shorts on plain pops such as "Love" or "Hug". Add a gummy bear.

Use the decorator gel to draw on hearts and hearts with arrows.

Using the flower tip, pipe on pink flowers with cake decorator icing. Use green gel to add stems and leaves to the bouquet.

Note: Another variation is to use vanilla or chocolate frosting instead of peanut butter for the filling.
These can also be made without sticks. Use one stick to be able to dip the cookies in chocolate and roll in sprinkles, then remove the stick and put on wax paper or paper plates, then chill.