Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Craft Project

What a fabulous idea that turned up over at  Gingerbread cookies made from cork look just like the real thing!  Go visit for many more projects!

Christmas Craft Projects - Cork Gingerbread DecorationCork has a texture that is perfect for making ornaments that look like baked cookies. This is a second example of how you can decorate a gingerbread man out of cork. You can see the first ornament here. This ornament goes a step further and can be enlarged to use as a wall or window decoration. If using as as window decoration, decorate both sides of the gingerbread man.
Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament 1
For this project you will need:
- thin cork sheet
- craft knife or sharp scissors
- white, red and black dimensional paint
- strong craft wire
- 5 x 8mm wooden red beads
- natural red raffia
- needle
Free Pattern: Gingerbread Man

1. Print the pattern to the size of preference and trace pattern onto the cork and cut the gingerbread man out. If you have the Sizzix Originals Gingerbread Man die cut and the Sizzix Big Shot or Cuttlebug machine, you can create a gingerbread man template out of cardstock to use instead.
2. Decorate the gingerbread man with dimensional paint as seen on the pattern. Let the paint dry.
4. Using a needle, carefully make a hole in each hand of the figure. Do not make the hole too close to the edge.
6. Cut a longer piece of wire and add 5 beads to it. Insert one end of the wire through one hand and bend to secure. Be careful not to pull too strongly on the wire, otherwise the cork could break off. Insert the other end of the wire in the other hand and secure it.
8. Cut pieces of red raffia and tie 5 bows so that there is a bow between each bead.

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