Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burning, Burning, Burning!!

I sure wish that was calories that we are talking about and while the pounds are still slowly melting, I'm referring to CDs. I'm busy burning, burning cds. I finished my huge order to Nancy's Notions and got word that they received them. That's always good to know. =) Now I have received a request for availability for designs for a future order. How exciting is that? They are going to order more!! Thank you Lord!!

My office is coming along, slowly but surely. I want to make sure that everything has a place and a place for everything (that's the hard part). Please stay organized Gina!!! I have the office to a place where I can resume working. Much better than tripping over boxes but at least I have an area now, not just a path. lol So, time to get busy burning cds for Puyallup. I fly out Tuesday for Seattle and then will drive on over to Puyallup. Looking at the forecast, it looks pretty cold right now, so going to ship some cds so I have room for my coat in my luggage.

Visit : to see more about the Sewing Expo. Look for me there. =)

I'll fly home on the 7th then leave on the 10th for Dallas Quilt show

Come and say HI to me. Can't wait to meet you.

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