Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My prototypes are here!

My prototypes for my templates arrived yesterday.
Pretty darn cool! I can't wait to see these produced.
Hopefully these will be out by the beginning of the year thanks to Simplicity and EZ Quilting


Michele said...

Wow, looks great! So, I guess you cut on the blue lines? or do you mark and than add or subtract the seam allowance?

Best of luck. I'll be looking out for this!

Splinters and Threads said...

Thank you Michelle. yes, the blue lines are the different sizes. They are nested so you will be able to use the rotary cutter around the outside of them. I just use them as fusible applique. However, yes, if you want to do traditional applique, you will need to trace it and add the seam allowances.

Michele said...

Ah, nesting! Even better. Brilliant, actually. Definitely will be watching for its release.