Friday, February 12, 2010

Life is so busy. Goes by so quickly and the kids grow up so fast. Got an email form my daughter this week. She was 15 when I sent her to live with her dad. Seems like she was just here. She said she's about to be 18. I know that but it didn't hit me until she said that. Where did my little girl go? She's all grown up now. I miss her so much but glad to know that she is doing well in school. She's so artistic and talented. She sent me pictures of some of her drawing and sewing projects she did in school recently. She's really getting interested in Interior Design. She also like graphic Design and Fashion Design (which she's really good at). I do know that she wants to go to design school when she graduates in another year. I'm anxious to see what she becomes.

Talk about growing up, my baby is about to be 7. I can't believe it! he's not a baby anymore. He's so cute missing one front tooth. I'll have to take a picture if I can tear him away from the games long enough. I think I can. He's been snuggling with me lately which I just eat up. He fell asleep in my arms recently. That was the first time in several years that he had done that. I cherish moments like that.

Speaking of snuggling. My 19 year old came up today and just wanted to lay by me on the bed. He still likes mom to snuggle with him. It's very sweet and innocent. He went tonight to a Christian Comedy show with my mom. I thought that was really cute. What 19 year old do you know that will hang out with his grandma??

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