Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My New Addition / Bartering

Bartering is a good thing. I love being able to barter for things that I want or need with others that want or need something that I have. Here is my latest acquisition. She is a beauty. I got her on a barter. woo hoo!! She's an Eqyptian Red Eye, Singer 66, 1910. I haven't even tried to run her to see if she works, but I don't care if she does or not, she's a beauty to look at. Oh, an look at that alligator skin cake. How cool is that? I wonder if she is a modified treadle. Would love to know her history...all the people that have loved her over the years, what young girl learnred to sew on this. Was it a gift to a new Bride? Who was this Elizabeth that scratched her name on it? I'll never know but love to image all the clothes and quilts that were made on this. Although, I suspect that it wasn't used too much as most of the goldwork is still on it. There is very little wear and tear. Who's prized possession was this or was it put into a cabinet for years on end, neglected? She's a showcase now at my home and will always be proudly displayed.

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Miss Snips said...

yes a pretty machine -- check er out though - does the wheel turn smoothly? if not, look for all the tiny holes ontop, and underneath, put a drop of sewing machine oil in them, turn the wheel til it runs smooth, thats all you need to do, til you learn more about her --lots of places on the internet... does it have a top to the base? is the base wood? or it is a kinda paperboard covered with that alligator type fabric/paper? if it is paperboard then the machine is from somewhere else, a different box or a cabinate.