Monday, June 2, 2008

Flipping between the blogs

What little blogging I have done, I have been doing on my website, but I sure like blogging on here. If you don't many posts here, go to

I can't believe summer is here already. I have one kid that just graduated from high school (boo hoo!!) and the youngest will be entering Kindergarten this next year. It has been hectic this last month with graduation doings, business, Michael's working him long hours and on weekends, and 2 of our cats had babies within a day of each other. Our dogs like the kittens too much and try to carry them like their mommas do and we usually end up with a headless body (GROSS!) and then one of our dogs will sit there and lick and lick it trying to get it to wake up. hopefully we won't lose any like that this year.

One thing I WOULD like to lose are the snakes! we have had 6 rattlesnakes in the past couple months. I am deathly afraid of them (major phobia!). I start hyperventilating and end up having nightmares for a week where I wake myself up screaming. If they wouldn't keep coming straight into our driveway and onto the carport or into the detached laundry room it wouldn't be so bad, but I don't want them close to my house at all. Many people have offered many ways to get rid of them, but i've heard none of them work and I can't even imagine trying to moth ball 7 acres. LOL

okay, back to work. Lord, please send some rain and cooler weather.

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